Compact Top2The Compact Top2 (Top Labeller) applies labels to the top of a product that can be laid down on a conveyor this could be a carton, a sheet of paper, a block of cheese or a jar lid. The Top2 indicates 2 heads, the machine can be fitted with one head. The machine can be operated in an existing line or as a Stand-alone unit, the machine shown in the image to the right is fitted with motorised cross-feed.


Carton Labelling (Shippers to PC Software cartons)
Product/Jar/Bottle lids
Punnet Lids - Clamshell packs
Sheet or Leaflet labelling with the addition of a Sheet Feeder for auto feeding
CD - DVD Labelling



The standard machine consists of a 2.0M x 900mm high conveyor using a belt 200mm wide. On pressing Run the conveyor starts, the products are placed onto the conveyor manually, or automatically and travel until the label/s are applied. With two labelling heads, two labels can be applied on one product or the machine can be placed into tandem mode where one label is set in both labelling heads and the machine operates non-stop. The machine can be fitted with many options as listed below, such as vacuum for holding down thin product, motorised cross-feed for frequent setup changes.


Conveyor Length from 2000mm
Conveyor Height 900mm
Belt width 200mm (50mm to 400mm)
Overall Dim' W2000xD700xH2000
Power Requirements 240V



Label Roll Diameter 380mm - 76 Core
Product Size Min' 20mm x 20mm
Label Size Min' 12mm x 12mm
Label Height Max' 180mm - Opt' 250mm
Label Length Max' 800mm
Throughput up to 400 per minute*

* Product & Label Dependent


  • Uses the reliable Compact Labelling Head and controller
  • Full Synchronised speeds - incorporating German Stepper Motors on the labelling heads and AC Brushless motors on all other drives
  • Robust, heavy duty construction – the machine is designed for years of trouble free and maintenance free productivity. No lubrication or awkward adjustments are required
  • Easy to set up – within a couple of minutes a new job can be set up and running, increasing productivity immediately
  • Simple to Operate with the build it alarms and Compact controller
  • Economical design incorporating high reliability and low maintenance



  • Capacitance Scanner - for detecting Clear labels
  • Additional sensors will allow Tandem (Non-Stop) operation
  • Conveyor Lengths - 2.5M, 3.0M, 3.5M, 4.0M
  • Conveyor Belt Widths - 50mm to 400mm
  • Hot Foil Printer or Thermal Printer – for printing use by/batch codes or bar codes
  • Motorised Rewind Units - using AC Brushless motors for no maintenance to rewind full roll of backing paper
  • Vacuum hold down belt
  • Blow-on attachments
  • Sheet Feeder for paper to CD feeding
  • Numerous restacking devices, eg. Egg Carton Labeller

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